Overnights with Girlfriend

The ex and I have a parenting agreement which states that we shall make an attempt to avoid overnights with a dating partner. I have been with my girlfriend for over two years and my 8 yr old son has slept over there plenty of times as she has kids of her own. All of a sudden, she is totally against it and is refusing my son to go on a camping trip with me, my girlfriend and her kids. I believe the agreement is vague and has holes in it as far as the overnight thing goes. It would actually confuse him more to not let him go. My marital status to her would make no difference and she lives in Massachusetts so living with her right now is impossible. My son should not be deprived because his Mother has a problem with my girlfriend. If I just take him, could I have a problem on my hands when i get back?

The agreement is vague, but the language requiring you to attempt to avoid overnights with a romantic partner when you have your child makes it pretty clear that planning a trip with this person is a violation of the agreement. I would suggest planning the tip in such a way that you and your girlfriend are in separate sleeping quarters.

Would separate tents hold up in court? Me and my son in our own tent, her and her kids in theirs?

It would be up to the discretion of the judge, but separate tents, in my opinion shows an effort.