Paralegal ethics

My ex and I separated last year and got back together briefly. We separated again in July and obtained different attorneys. The paralegal to the attorney I had last year is now the paralegal of my ex’s attorney. She is also my next door neighbor and my ex is now very good friends with her father.

I discovered that she is telling family members (who are also clients with this same attorney) information about me and my divorce case. Is this not a breach of confidentialty?

I also discovered that she has told my ex some things that happened last year which was told to her and my last attorney in confidence. Is this a conflict of interest? If so, what can I do about it?

She also watches my every move – she stands outside and waits for me to get home so she can “report” who enters & leaves my driveway. If it’s not her, it’s her father – and they are constantly contacting my ex trying to stir up trouble. She even accused my son of trespassing on her property just to cause more problems.

The paralegal’s behavior is certainly inappropriate, I would suggest you contact the State Bar.

I addressed my concerns about the paralegal with my attorney and mentioned reporting her to the State Bar. He advised that I NOT contact the Bar, but instead he wrote a letter to my ex’s attorney advising him of the situation and asking that the Paralegal be removed completely from our case (maintaining a Chinese Wall).

More information since then…

My ex and the paralegal have continued to have contact with each other. I have proof of text conversations…computer messaging conversations (regarding our case), AND my ex is planning on moving into a rental home where he will be paying the Paralegal RENT!

Last week I found out that the Paralegal was fired from my ex’s attorneys office. My brother is a client of that attorney and he said his attorney has found out all kinds of stuff in his case that the paralegal was NOT doing…even finding work files at her HOME. My brother said all of a sudden, he is being treated like a king.

I know for a fact that my ex and this paralegal is still having phone conversations (late into the night). What protects a client from getting “confidential” information divulged after they’ve been fired? I know she will tell my ex everything she knows regarding my former attorney (where she was my attny’s paralegal)…in addition to any new info she has from the latest attorney (if she hasn’t already told him everything)…even though she was supposed to be behind this “chinese wall”.

Is there anything I can do now that she has been fired? Can I still file a complaint with the NC State Bar? If so, can I file a complaint WITHOUT the help of my attorney?

Thanks for any info you can provide. I just want a FAIR trial and so far it’s been WAY lop-sided and i know it has a LOT to do with the unethical way of this Paralegal.


I would still recommend you contact the State Bar regarding this situation. You may do so without your attorney’s assistance.