Parent is alienating another

My Ex has my child at this time for temp custody because I moved out of state. The judge ordered that I can have visitation in NC at this time and phone calls. It has been 3 weeks since i have spoken to my child. For months I would call and he would play games and have my child in activities to where i couldn’t have a quality conversation. He would have him at a friends house during my time, in the pool, going to the grocery store or just not tell me where he was so I could call him. I get constant excuses via text message and ive given up with calling. its very stressful and if the child doesnt even know i am calling why am i putting myself through this. I have his last few messages one from Sept14 when he said he would have him call me and he still hasnt. The father is a pilot and is constantly shuffling the child around and I dont know where to find him. He wont encourage my child to call me. The father however calls everyone in my family and has my son call my dad and aunt but not me.

  1. How do I file for contempt?
  2. Isnt this considered alienation of a parent?

If he is acting contrary to the terms laid out in your temporary custody order, this could be grounds for contempt. To pursue a contempt claim you will need to file a motion for order to show cause. Whether the judge believes this has risen to the level of parental alienation is hard to say, North Carolina judges are given much discretion when it comes to making child custody rulings.