Parental Alienation

My ex, as well as her side of the family, has been making negative statements about me to my 9yo daughter. They have gone so far as to post these things on my ex’s facebook page which my daughter has seen. This has adversely impacted my relationship with my daughter. Does this constitute parental alienation and if so, what can I do about it.

While speaking negatively about the other party directly or indirectly to a child is in poor form, without a child custody order that addresses this and orders the parties to refrain from making disparaging comments about the other party, you have very little recourse. If you have an order and the order does not address this, you may have grounds to file a motion to modify based on these actions. You would be well-served by having a consultation with an attorney in your area to discuss all the facts of your case and determine how you should proceed.

I am in the same boat as the above poster. My ex is and his family are constantly saying rude and degrading comments about myself and my family in front of my children. It is my ex’s goal to turn the kids against me so he will never have to deal with me again. Our current custody papers as well as our original separation agreement states that no party shall speak rudely about the other or allow others to do so while in the presence of the children or something to that affect. What do I need to do to stop my ex and his family from continuing to say these things in front of our kids. We are in the process of going back to court to modify the order and I have people who are willing to testify as to what they have heard my ex say. Will this negatively affect my ex and will the judge frown upon it?

If you are on the calendar for a motion to modify child custody, you should also file a motion for contempt or a motion for order to appear and show cause. You can have this set at the same time as the motion to modify, and the judge will hear all the evidence at that time.

If the other party has failed to follow the court order, these derogatory comments will certainly be looked at negatively by the judge.