Parental alientation

My ex continues to talk negatively about me to our children after our divorce. During the separation and divorce proceedings, he did this and was warned by his attorney twice to stop this behavior, and part of our separation agreement he signed says that neither of us will talk about the other parent, but it has continued and is getting so bad the children are having breakdowns at school over what he is saying. What are my legal options in North Carolina to stop this and remove the children from his custody. We currently have joint custody, week on week off. He does not care what a lawyer says, he feels like he is above the law. I need a legal resolution to this problem

I have also taken the children to a therapist, but they are 5 and 7, and they will not talk about their daddy or anything to do with this situation because they are afraid of what he will do to them.

If your custody agreement is set forth in a separation agreement, then you still have the ability to sue for custody to get a court order on custody. If you get a court order on custody, and the order prevents him from making disparaging comments, you can then file a motion for contempt when he violates the order. He’ll have to answer to the judge if he continues with his behavior.