Parenting Classes


Dear stagar:

Gretings. If you are in Wake County, you will receive a Notice to Attend Parenting Education Program (DOM-16) which will tell you the name, address, and telephone number for the parenting class. You must attend the parenting class within 30 days from the date the mediation fails. The order to calendar the custody case, which is issued by the child custody mediation office, is issued after mediation fails, not after the parties attend parenting class. Best of luck.

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do you have a number or website I can visit to obtain information on taking a parenting class? My husband and I recently petitioned the court for full custody (paperwork just filed) and his lawyer said a parenting class would be required for both of us. He is out of town right now, so I thought I would see if you know.

Thanks for your help. I’ve said this before, but I will say it again, this is the best website to obtain accurate and timely information. I think more law firms should provide a service to the community like this; to me, it shows your concern for accurate information goes beyond making money.