Parenting Coordinator (PC) Law: Stories from a VICTIM

Love to hear from others who have or had a Parenting coordinator… I’m working to change this law.

Do you know of “someone” who was denied the right to legal representation from the judge for legal issues?

This “someone” is then being threatened with a jail sentence for “questioning” being billed hundreds of dollars a month from a “service provider”.

This “someone” is being legally forced to pay thousands and thousands of dollars for a service provider.

This service provider, who never resolves any issues (in over three years) and who has even caused more issues and conflict than before they were appointed by the court.

This “someone” is being forced to continue to attend therapy even after the therapist has released you and stated several times to the service provider “my patient (of 2 years) doesn’t need therapy”.

This “someone” is being forced to request a psychiatrist to provide “medication”, when you don’t need “medication”.

This “someone” is being threatened with a Jail sentence, because the person’s therapist refuses to talk on the phone (undocumented) with the service provider.

This service provider is a licensed professional, whose licensing board (NC Psychology Board) states “we realize that the PUBLIC may be at RISK, but we will not govern this group of people who are “acting” in this role.

Does this sound like I am in another third world foreign country with an unethical and corrupt government? No, I live in North Carolina, USA and these “service providers” are parenting coordinators (PC). This is just what happened to me in my case. The more people I talk to about what happened to them… the more and more cases of corruption, unethical and fraud billing and in the worst cases the parenting coordinators have put children at risk of being physically and sexually abused.

this, and even more…
Unfortunately is not only Parent Coordinators Corrupted…
the list goes on