Pay Support for Adopted Child


By the state of NC, can you pay child support to a child that has been adpoted by someone else?
My brother’s ex-wife kicked him out when the child was 6 mos. She has refused to let him see the child. Both parties are divorced and both are remarried to someone else. The mother just recently about 1 year ago, decides, she wants child support. The child is now 4 and mother has requested that current husband adopt my brother’s child. My brother has agreed because the mother hasn’t let him see the child and the child doesn’t know him. Adoption papers have been signed with a lawyer, by the mother, her husband and my brother. The adoption home visit was today. My brother is currently in jail as of June 28, 2009 for back child support. Wasn’t that all suppose to be dropped when all parties sign for the adoption?

Thank You,

If a child has been adopted by his or her step parent, the natural parent is no longer responsible as his or her rights would have to be terminated prior to the step parent’s adoption, but the support obligation he owed prior to the adoption is not affected.