Phone Calls

Hi I have a quick question,

In my custody orders it states that I have to call my child’s father once a day when she is in my care. My question is he has no legal residence, cell phone or phone number. Do I have to answer his calls when he does call? He is very inconsistent and calls when he wants (he called one night the week of 7/18)and expects to speak to our child. He has not seen her in almost two months. I am trying to keep consistency in her life.

Thank you!

Your order states that you are to call him. He has not given you a valid number to reach him at, therefore you have no way of complying with said order. You do not have to be available when he decides to randomly and sporadically call you. However, if he leaves you a phone number to reach him at in your voicemail, then you do have to return his call within a reasonable period of time.