Photo publication/mail opening


My ex and I have had a court obtained custody order in place for over a year now. We have joint legal custody with me as the primary custodial parent. I have my daughter 75% of the time and my attorney has told me in the past that when it comes to decision making in regards to our 3 year old daughter, I have the final word. My ex’s mother has a habit of having our daughter’s picture published in the local newspaper 3-4 times per year. This is done without my knowledge or permission and it makes me uneasy. I have kindly asked my ex that my permission be granted prior to doing this, but he has not listened. There are no specifications regarding this in the custody agreement at this time and our case will not come back for review for another 2 years. Is there anything legally I can do to prevent this from happening again? Or is this a battle that I need to let slide for now?

Also, I have not lived at the ex’s residence for nearly 2 years now, however, occasionally a piece of my mail will go to his house. Most recently, my last pay stub from my job went to his house and he opened it! He is aware of my salary, but I really do not appreciate that being opened and feel somewhat violated. Here again, do I let this slide or can I do something legally to prevent this from happening?

Any advice would be appreciated!


The custody case is between you and your ex- and the judge cannot make binding orders regarding your mother in law. If the pictures that are begin published are creating some danger for the child, you may want to speak to a lawyer who practices general civil litigation to see if there are any grounds for you to get an order preventing her from continuing to publish the photos.
I suggest you ensure you correct your address with anyone, or any agency that sends you mail.