Daughter seen picture


Dear concerned dad. While it must have been very upsetting for your daughter to see the photo, that event alone would not likely be enough support to give you primary custody. Yes, it is relevant information to bring up, maybe from you and not your daughter (unless the judge wants to talk to her, and if so, in private). The standard for custody remains, what is in the best interest of the child. Parents often use poor judgment, and such judgment is a matter for the court to consider when contemplating custody decisions.

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My daughter just told me today that in July this year when they at the beach with her boyfriend my daughter looked at my STBX boytfriend’s cell phone and she saw a picture of her mother with no clothes on. My duaghter was so upset and kept this in her for so long and she has never told anyone this but she said that she could not keep it any longer and she had to tell. First I told her I am very sorry that you seen that she ok then I said that what she does with him I can not do nothing about. My daughter said that is gross and disgusting and very time I see him I think of the picture if how he looks at her and who he shows the picture too. I said her do you want to tell this to the judge and she said yes I told her to think about it.
My question is can this be used in my CS case and do you think that the judge can or will rule in my favor for primary care. Do you think it is a good idea to even have her talk to the judge about this I know it is a lot for a child to go though she 12 and soon will be 13 but I know it will hurt her and her mother but to have your daughter see you without clothes on in a picture on her boyfriends cell phone is sick what other sick things has he done to her? That is not my problem just the children are what I am for and it is for them and always will.
Thank you so much