Photos posted publicly without legal consent


I have sole legal and physical custoday. He has visitation…My x’s, new wifes…daughter does photography proffesionally and has a website listed on facebook. They have taken pictures of my daughter and posted them on her website without consent or even my knowledge of the pictures being taken. Do I have legal grounds for anything here? The school requests consent and everyone else that has a business has to request written consent…where would I find the statutes that protect my child from unlawful pictures… I do not know how many more they may have…as I was showed the pics on another friends computer and found out that they have blocked my access to the site, in an attempt to hide them from me. Can I request the negatives and all other pictures to be sent to me because of the failure of consent? I thought this was pretty underhanded. They have pics of another child with lots of makeup and acting like a grownup and even some …naughty pics …I dont know what else might be their… I only know what I see.


You can ask him to have the pictures taken down, and if he refuses, file a motion for order to appear and show cause for why he isn’t following the custody agreement.