Please help

what papers? You dont need papers to seperate. How long has he been in jail? You need to be seperated for 1 year to obtain a divorce. Tell her to send him a dated letter stating he is not welcomed back in the home. Make a copy. If h comes back he can be charged with domestic criminal trespass. But if your mom truly wants to be with him it will be hard to stop her.

Where do you get the papers to seperate and how do you file them without and attorney? I have debt and need to do this as inexpensivly as possible.

So if there is no papers then shes lyin. I dont get it well i know shes gettin a restraining order hes been in jail a month so a divorce cant happen yet i just know that hes terrible ugg also they have a kid together so he will be able to have the right to see her as soon as he has a steady job and is off the drugs. She thinks that because hes been clean for a month that hes changed but i also heard that youre never truely off it so i dont know what to do.


</font id=“purple”> ok my mom wants to seperate from my step dad but says the cost for the papers are TOO HIGH!!! Hes in jail right now and his case has been continued i think shes starting to forgive him but anyways i want to know how much the papers cost

Raven (please help i dont want my mom to go back to him!!!)[V]