Pregnant and seperated

My husband and I were married 4 years, we never had a GREAT relationships but towards the end my husband just wasnt there anymore. We have a gorgeous 2 year old little girl and I’m now 7 months pregnant. We decided to split up and I moved out 3 weeks ago and he moved away from our home (which is now getting foreclosed on) about 2 weeks ago. I guess I’m just wondering if anyone else has been through a divorce/separation while pregnant? I’m having a hard time dealing with this since my soon to be ex hasnt seen his daughter in almost 3 weeks but is already going out with other women. I’m so emotionally and physically exhausted that I’m afraid I’m hurting my unborn daughter.

Yes. I know a few women who have been pregnant while going through a divorce and it is not pleasant. My cousin was pregnant when her fiance deserted her at the altar. Since that time, she has made sure he has limited contact with the daughter and is getting the max as far as child support. Your “husband” will have to pay child support for the two children until they reach age 18. It will not matter if he has other children from other relationships. You will be entitled to child support and due to your situation, it appears that he has little, if any, interest in his children. You will have sole custody due to his indifference. He will have to pay child support. Take care of yourself and this unborn baby. I know it is stressful, but do whatever you have to do to protect this child! I cannot imagine what you are going through, but please take care of yourself. You are all this child has and the child needs you. Thoughts are with you and good luck. He will have to pay. That’s a given.

How soon after sex can white discharge be a pregnancy indication? I’ve heard white clear discharge is a sign of pregnancy but I tend to have it a lot normally. I just never keep track of my cycles. Don’t really care for it. So how soon after sex can it be a pregnancy sign? Just trying to differentiate between pregnancy and ovulation.

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White discharge is commonly a sign of infection. You should probably see a doc. What you have is probably a low-grade yeast infection.