Pro Se Equitable Distribution


I am doing an Pro Se divorce and I want to have my bills split with my stbx wife. I have pulled off line an application for equitable distribution. Now does that have to be done by a lawyer only or is there a way that I may add that to my case. If equitable distribution has to b done by a lawyer does alimony fit the same category and has to be done by a lawyer. Is there any way I may have my equitable distribution heard at the same time I have my case heard. If I don’t have it heard with my divorce do I lose all ability to get it done later?


You may file a claim for Equitable Distribution and Alimony on your own, however I always recommend you consult with a lawyer first to ensure you understand the timeframe of the case, and the rules of your local county courts with respect to filing documents and scheduling hearings. So long as you have filed claims for ED and Alimony they do not have to be heard before the divorce and will still be valid and pending after the divorce is granted.