Problems with ex


My ex wife is trying to cause problems between my fiance and I. Ex tries to involve herself in my relationship, calls my fiance and makes up lies about me cheating and all kinds of drama. Ex won’t let me see my son if my fiance is around. I never thought my ex would want me back but recently she talked about moving back to NC from NJ and getting back together. I don’t want to do get back with her, but I do want to see my son. It seems that I am only able to get information regarding my son when my ex thinks that I am not with my fiance. Is there anything I can do to keep my ex from bothering my fiance? What can I do?


Have your fiancé refuse calls from your ex.
You should also consider an action against your ex for withholding your child.


She has refused calls and blocked calls but EX will use different phones even the kids phones to call her.
I have a court date next month that will set up visitation. But thats something she won’t follow either and I will be in and out of courts for the next 11 yrs - she’s that difficult to work with especially since she sees that I have moved on.


I am sorry to hear that she is causing you so many problems. I would suggest that you have your fiancé file a harassment report with the police.


fiance has but it made things worse. Thats why last year I saw my son Christmas 2008 and didn’t see him again until this past Christmas 2009. I just don’t know what to do anymore. I love my fiance and want to see my son. Why does this have to be so difficult?