Professional to evaluate marital income? SOS

10mo since filing DBB, last week’s office visit, insist my attorney finally request husband’s financials. Attny says will do. Follow up days later emailing secretary for status. Get email reply, not informing me if done. Instead, read what feels like another GRENADE THROWN IN MY LAP via secty.
My Lawyer wants to know if I have the ability to retain and pay for a professional which is vital to ascertain marital income and testify on stand !!! so my attny can plan how my case can move forward. (Attny knows I borrowed to retain him, and 6K all used up with no PSS hearing as yet)
In email I asked what is crucial that takes a professional to audit MARITAL INCOME. Give me specifics I ask. None given. HELP???
My husband gets Social security since of age, pension initiated premarriage, quarterly stock dividends from stocks acquired pre-marriage, and in 10yrs of marriage got income from photography biz where he only declared to IRS what recvd in checks, not the cash payments of many. I’m guessing in better days he earned 25K yearly max That biz tapered off in recent yrs to only one or two jobs seldom. No monies he has ever gotten did he share with me, in his woman hater fashion. Only other he has is an IRA which he pays taxes on if he withdraws. Surely, he gets statements showing status and activity. As would be the case for stocks/dividends, and tax returns which were filed separately.
Can you explain to me what is a crucial need to have a pro retained, etc to evaluate what is marital money ?
My DBB case is on the docket for 12/13, and have asked if finally my plea for PSS, and legal fees can be heard. No reply from attny via secty other than saying Judge will be having an updated scheduling of cases on that docket, not known as yet being last Friday,


It’s generally not necessary to hire an expert to determine marital funds but your attorney may have found something in the financial disclosures that has led him or her to believe the issue is tricky and would be difficult to prove to the level needed for a judge but for having an expert.

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My attorney in 10months to date from filing complaint of DBB has NOT put in a request for husband defendant’s financials, tho I have asked repeatedly for him to do so. Went into voluntary mediation which was a joke by attny’s assistance on doing so without husband’s financials disclosed. So my attny in no way has seen any financials from my husband. I listed what is husband’s income as you can see.
I have asked for attorney to tell me WHY he feels I need a costly pro, and will not tell me why, just ambiguous reply that otherwise it would be an uphill battle…VAGUE answers always from attorney who knows I am broke.
This is so maddening. Feel like I’m going to have a total break down