Proof requirements of Adultry for Alimony purposes

I suspect my wife is having an adulterous relationship with ber boss.

For Opportunity, can I use data from a self contained GPS tracking device which I download data from each night? I have her visiting his home on weekends for 1 hr, 1:55 hrs, and 2 hrs, in addition to multiple visits for 5-10 minutes.

For Inclination, I have some text messages, two in which she calls him “sweet thing” and “bestest friend”. I also have a log of cell calls increasing from 10-15 a month during normal business hours and after the suspected affair, about 50-70 during the entire day and night close to midnight.

Would I need more proof for the purposes of alimony? I am trying to line up all my evidence before seeking legal advice.


The evidence you have is a good start in proving the affair, I cannot say for sure how a jury (if you chose a jury trial on the issue of fault) or a judge will interpret any piece of evidence. I would suggest you meet with a lawyer in your area who can give you a sense of how much evidence is needed to persuade the finder of fact in your area based on their experience with similar cases.