Property distribution


Dear plstam:

Greetings. First, it is my opinion that you need a full financial and legal review…which would include valuing your pensions, valuing any retirement accounts she has, etc.

If alimony is incorporated in the property settlement, then I am not sure what you are asking. If you already have a final, signed agreement, it cannot be modified unless by agreement of the parties - which she will not do.

If you do not have a separation agreement, you are back to creating a financial and legal review prior to taking any subsequent action.

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I am retired and receive a pension of approx. $2,000/mo and my wife works and makes approx. $2500/mo. Alimony is incorparated into the property settlement. She is trying to get about half of my pension which could be $900 added to her salary which equals to $3,400/mo. Then she retires and her pension is $1,000/mo plus the $900/mo which equals to $1,900/mo. To me that is unfair and it makes her the supporting spouse. What is it that I can do to settle this? My total pension is about half of our assets…Thank you for your help.