Property Settlement: Specific Performance Motion-NEXT STEP?

I am pro se. I have a very flimsy set of Mediated Stipulations which were notarized and signed by me and my ex a couple years ago. The ex won’t sign-over the accounts. We’ve played cat-and-mouse game of negotiation for a couple years as we’ve tried to iron out the Settlement language in a formal document. But no resolution. I filed a Motion for Specific Performance last summer. After waiting the maximum time, they had no option but to respond. So they sent me a proposal. For the 6 months hence, we are back to cat-and-mouse games. The history of this case seems to be that nothing gets done unless it’s required by the Court or at the last minute via threat of a Motion. What are my options to get these Stipulations executed and a Property Settlement finalized? Do I need to file another Motion for Specific Performance? Or do I simply need to push forward with my Specific Performance filed in June 2013 - by getting it on the Court docket at the next calendar call? Or am I missing something? I heard that before the Court will hear the trial, both sides get to ask the other side 50 questions. Is that correct, or am I confusing Property Settlement with the permanent custody and child support trial? Thank you.

If the stipulations were entered and filed in conjunction with an ongoing case, they should be enforceable even if not put into a formal agreement or court order, and you should be able to file a motion for contempt for failure to follow the agreement.