Psychopath husband

I’m going through a horrid divorce with a man I believed loved his wife and his children.
He is a very successful business man in NC.
My problem is this. He has tricked me with a fraudulent premarital agreement that was signed after we married.
He assured me it was for one year. My ex was threatening AA and CC, and he needed it to protect his company he sweared to me…
one year. We were already married.
He is not cooperating with discovery, though he’s claiming huge debts that are marital that I knew nothing of?
I trusted this man with all my heart, and my children, and until he left us for another woman, and has had no contact since,
I never suspected the first lie. It has taken me lots of therapy to understand what has happened to myself and children,
and all feel certain he is a bipolar narcissist psychopath.
All the people involved in premarital agreement involved are his well paid employees, and they are all in on the scam.
I face homelessness, and losing my children for I can’t provide. He would not let me work, or go back to school…
he promised me the world, the kids a college education, we looked at expensive homes in ALL our spare time,
with him applying earnest monies on 9 of them before he backed out? I stayed in confusion not knowing our financial
status, or many other odd things which I contributed to his bipolar. Now I learn he is a psychopath, and I’ve been duped.
4 out of every 100 men are psychopaths, and that’s a conservative estimate. I, like many others, had no idea of this,
nor did I know what flags there were.
I have trusted him completely. He is not cooperating with discovery, and he’s hiding behind the fraudulent prenup.
I hope to have the prenup set aside, God willing, but in the meantime, can I subpeona him to at least reveal all documents
that I as wife have signed? He would flag things, and tell me what they were…and I just assumed he was a good person,
because I am. Question: will the courts allow me polygraph since all witnesses are in his deep pockets?
Do I stand a chance at having a home for my children?

You may subpoena all the documents that are relevant to the case.
Polygraphs are not admissible in court.
The prenup has nothing to do with child support, which he will have to pay. This money is meant to enable you to provide for your children.