PTSD, divorce and mediation

I’ve been separated for 9 months, and it’s taken me this long to uncover a plethora of lies, deception, fraud and misrepresentations committed to me by stbx.
Now it is revealed, that he is a bipolar narcissist psychopath…and all has brought on PTSD, Fibromyalgia and a liver disease that I did not have prior to separation.
Someone implied there are federal laws to protect someone in court proceedings if you are dx with PTSD from divorce.
Is this true? I was even told you do not have to mediate! If you could answer or refer me to a source on the internet for questions, I would most appreciate it.

I am not familiar with any federal law regarding PTSD related to a divorce action.

After more research, I discovered that there actually are federal laws protecting victims of pathologicals. If you have contracted PTSD, you are saved from having to see the perpretrator in court.
It must have a PTSD assessement with the testimony of 1 or 2 psychologists, but there is indeed such protection for victims. You do not have to be in the same room. You can keep them from being allowed to speak to you. There are accomodations to give the victim a better chance of testifying without intimaidations from the abuser, whether from physical abuse, or emotional abuse.
Sandra Brown is an author on victims of pathologicals, and I found this out when I googled some of her material. It’s good to know …
surviving a relationship with a psychopath, whom you at one time believed to be the man of your dreams, is hard enough all on its’ own.
Finding out now, that there has been nothing but lies, fraud, deception and years of psychological abuse, is damaging enough.
Psychopaths are much more common than people believe. Indeed, most are not murderers…We ALL need education on them, and protection from them…
Have your sons and daughters learn the red flags, so they know what to look for. For my family, it’s too late. God bless.