Question about back child support

My ex started working in Feb 2010. According to the CS calculator and based on our salaries and the daycare/health ins costs I pay, he owes me $867 per month even though I make significantly more than him. He has the children only every-other-weekend because his job is in TN so I guess that is why it is so much. He has not given me any money for the children since Aug 2009 when he paid his 30% share of uninsured medical expenses.

We do not have an agreement or court order in place, but I understand that CSE would seek back child support on my behalf. What documentation/proof/receipts would I need in order to try to get back child support? I am trying to get up the nerve to file for CS and want to make sure I have everything in order so that it goes smoothly. Will I need a lawyer for this?

You will need to show proof of all actual expenses. Your assigned case worker can give you the specifics. You will not need a lawyer.

I have receipts for all the medical and school, sports activities, etc. I don’t have receipts for clothing or all the other things that kids need. What do I show for food, shelter and things like that?

Bills, receipts and bank statements can be used.