Question about manners

How do you handle displays of bad manners towards you by your ex in front of your child?

I would handle it the same way regardless of WHO was displaying bad manners toward me child present or not, "I’m sorry I don’t allow anyone to speak, act, or behave that way toward me, If you would like to continue this conversation another time when you can be respectful to me please let me know, (said in a very low calm tone of voice) then leave.

My ex & I have it listed in our agreement that one doesn’t degrade the other in the presence of our children & he has no respect for himself, me, or our children. He has yet to bite his tongue for the sale of them hearing. I just eliminate myself & our children from the situation & explain to our kids that he’s an angry person & sometimes we have to blow off what he says. I know in the 2 years we’ve been divorced they’ve grown accustomed to his attitude toward me & in years to come it will come back on him as a father…