Question about parental rights?


What do we need to do in order to have one parent sign over their parental rights over to the other of one child?

Both parents name are on the brith certificate. Father signed affidavite in regard to his paternity. Mother wants total and sole custody and all parental rights of child with father having none.

Do we need to go to a lawyer to have this written up or can documents be written and signed by individuals and notirized. Will this be legally binding?


You cannot “sign over” parental rights in an agreement alone. You can file an action for “Termination of Parental Rights” and a judge will have to approve this. It’s best to use an attorney to do this.

Be aware, though, that terminating parental rights also dispenses with any obligation for support of the child. The other alternative is to sign a custody agreement or consent order that gives the father no visitation, but that document will always be modifiable based on a substantial change in circumstances until the child turns 18.