Question about telephone communication


In the last court order that my husband had with his ex – it states that both parties will be entitlied to reasonable telphone communication with the minor child. This will include at least 4 times per week for calls fro mthe parties to the minor child and unlimited access for the minor child to the parties. These calls shall be before 8pm on school nights and before 10 pm on weekends. The order don’t really address the summer times…would these times still be reasonable for the summer?


I would assume the child is in some sort of child care during the week, and adheres to a regular bedtime, therefore it is reasonable to assume the call times would be the same in the summer months.


thanks for getting back with me — that is what I was thinking also but the childs mom don’t think that any times apply during the summer…she called the other night during the week after 10pm. The child is 12. It is like she don’t think that any time applys during the summer and she calls when she wants too or when it is convenient for her.