Question Regarding Taking Kids Out Of State

I have primary custody of our children. Joint custody with the father only with regards to medical, educational, etc. but the kids live with me. He gets them every other weekend and split school breaks.

My parents want to take the girls out of state for a few days in March and the soon-to-be-ex had agreed verbally to this. However, now that my parents are asking for something in writing (just to have themselves covered), he is refusing.

Do we even NEED anything from him approving an out of state trip? As stated, I have primary custody and they are only going to Virginia (one state away where I used to live). It’s not infringing on any of his visitation other than one evening of dinner for two hours which he already verbally said it was fine.

Thank you.

So long as there is nothing in your Order or Agreement that prevents out of state travel and you are not interfering with his time you do not need his permission.