Quick Claim Deed

A Court Order is not necessary for a quitclaim deed. If one relinquishes his/her rights to claims on the property, there isn’t anything the other party can do about it. I suppose the Court can order a disagreeable party to relinquish rights through equitable distribution, but it still makes no sense to me. Contempt of Court? Usually one big joke unless you have a judge who truly enforces it and seldom, in family court, is anyone ever put in jail for it. There probably isn’t a divorced person on the face of the earth who could escape contempt in some form or another. The jail would not hold them all. I was recently taken to Court for Contempt, filed a cross motion to hold my ex in contempt, and absolutely nothing happened. Nothing. Period. Of course, the judge is going to take two weeks to “think about it”. In my case, he’ll probably find me in contempt and send the cops after me to arrest me. He is that biased against me. So, if the judge is on your side, no problem.

If you have a court order to have a Qucik Claim Deed done and the other party must sign within 30 days of the court order but refuses, what can happen if they refuse to sign? I already know that is contempt. but what happends when you are contempt of a court order?