Reciprocating child support via state of Maryland

Good morning: I, my ex- spouse,and 1 child currently reside in NC separately.Our child support case is active in the state of Maryland,and my son is 18 years old going on 19 in May of 2012,and as of yet has not graduated from high school. My question to you is; 1) Once he becomes 19 years and no longer eligible for Maryland child support can my ex pursue child support in NC? They recently relocated to NC approximately less than 1 year ago. Thank You

Yes, she should be able to file for CS in NC once the MD order expires, but only if he is still in high school. If he has graduated and is over 18, then she won’t get child support for him in NC either. If he is graduating this Spring, then it wouldn’t be worth her filing for CS here in May. He must be working toward high school graduation if he is over 18 for her to continue getting CS.

Thank You ever so much Ms. Russ for your very helpful information! Happy Holidays!!

You are most welcome. Happy Holidays to you too!