Reducing Alimony Payments


I’ve searched the available topics and didn’t find one that could help with my question. If you can offer advice I would appreciate it! My husband is paying a VERY LARGE alimony payment for the next decade. At the time of his settlement the Ex was not working a permanent job. His reason to pay so much was so that his kids did not have to move and to spare them any more grief. He has a huge heart and loves his kids. Unfortunately, his huge heart keeps him in the red each month. Since signing the paperwork, the Ex has a regular job and makes good money. If she worked full time she’s making more than my husband. We are making ends meet, but barely. If, God forbid, he loses his job, we’re ruined. Now that she has a job, is it worth going to court to seek a reduction in alimony or is this something we are stuck doing? Can he force her to work full time now that she has the option and reduce his payments? The agreement was settled without going to court the first time to save $ and grief. I’d like to know if it’s possible/advisable to seek a little financial breathing room each month…or do most people end up serving their “sentence” for bad judgment by getting extra jobs, etc.?