Refusal to give any information about kids

My ex husband will not give me my children’s health insurance information, their school registration information, report card copies, and any other documents I ask for.
I do not even know if he has put me as an emergency contact in the school registration forms.
Is it not legally required by (NC?) law that both parents must be on the emergency contact information list/sheet/records.
I have asked him multiple times and also through my attorney at the time. I received no response.
Furthermore, recently, he called me and asked if I had my older daughter’s social security card (she needs it for a learner’s permit).
He emphatically informned me that I should NOT be in possession of her or my other daughter’s social security cards or any other documents (I presume birth certificates, etc), because HE WAS THE GUARDIAN of the children. The judge granted him sole custudy and I recieved supervised visitation every other weekend.
Is this not a violation of collaborative parenting in the best inetrests of the children, and can it be used a cause to file a motion for change/modification in circumstances. He uses them merely as pawns, has extreme abusive control issues. He himself told me that he would use the children against me and would not let me see them, if I divorced him.

  1. I am the biological mother, so I have rights to all of their documents, period. That is obviously logical and nothing further needs to be stated.
  2. I have explained that while theya re visiting me during my weekends with them, IF THERE SHOULD BE AN ACCIDENT AND THE CHILDREN NEED IMMEDIATE MEDICAL CARE (URGENT CARE OR EMERGENCY ROOM), then it is logical that I would need their health insurance cards (copies) or information to give to the medical facility. He refuses to give that info to me. Is this not negligent on his part? Is he provideing health care and if so, is he hiding health records from me? Do I not have a right to know who the children’s doctor’s are and to their health care records.
    As I said, he is abusive, so I am very afraid and scared for them. Please help me answer my questions and offer any assistance. Thanks.

Also, I am so afraid to go to the children’s schools and ask for these records.

  1. he first time I went, I was told I could not have access to all of the records in their file. Given very bad treatment. They reluctantly said they would make copies or “some” documents. In fact the principal told me that the school does NOT have a policy of keeping their students records, i.e, no registration forms, no emergency contact forms, no report cards on file. When I told them that I found that to be incredulous that they would keep NO/ZERO information about their students, I was dealt with very harshly and told to leave.
  2. I asked to use the bathroom before I left the school and while I was in the bathroom, the school called the police. They claimed that they did not know what I was doing there, tresspassing. The knew I had asked to go to the bathroom and asked to see my children during lunch break. They accused me of not being to be there and of tresspassing basically. The policeman asked me my chidren’s names that attend the school and I gave them to him. I told him honestly what had happened and that I was their mother and asked to used the bathroom. He let me go after realizing that my children do indeed attend that school.

Whether he has an obligation to give you the requested information depends on the contents of the court order.