Requirements for Statements

My ex’s attorney said for ED purposes I must provide every page of credit card, utility, and bank statements. She said if the statement lists ten (10) pages, I must provide all ten pages even if the last seven pages only list advertising, terms, and conditions. So far I’ve only provided the pages with dollar amounts. Does it say somewhere in the law, I must provide every page of a statement? I don’t keep the extra pages and must pay $20 an hour to have them researched in some cases.

It is customary to provide all documents that you have in your possession, custody or control. This includes documents that you can obtain easily electronically. If you don’t have all pages, and the cost is exorbitant to obtain all pages of a statement, you should object to the request based on the cost. If the opposing side wants all pages, they can subpoena the documents and pay the fee.