Responsible for husband's living expenses?

stop being “nice”. “Nice” has gotten me over 8000.00 owed to me in child support arrears… “nice” has made my cred rate drop by over 200 points. “nice” has gotten me an ex who still owes me about 3000.00 from our divorce. Go ahead and go after what you agreed to. CSE… ED… all of it. Once you sign those divorce papers you cannot get your ED. Child support will not enforce arears unless it was accumulated under their supervision. Stand up for yourself and you child. It was his choice to keep the house, it is now his responsibility to pay for it.

Child support and the payment of living expenses are two separate issues. If you are not receiving adequate child support then you should absolutely go to child support enforcement. Even if you go to child support enforcement you can still attempt to resolve the rest of your issues with a Separation Agreement and without litigation. I think the best place for you to start is with an initial consultation with an attorney who can go through the specific facts of your case and help you come up with options.

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I and my children moved out of the house 2/1/07 because my stbx refused to (even though he’s the one who wanted the divorce). He & I listed the house on the market, and it hasn’t sold yet. He & I put together an informal agreement regarding the things that he would pay for, etc. That included him paying the mortgage & utilities since he remained in the house. We also outlined how we would split the daycare expenses for the children. I have tried to be reasonable and have not pursued a case with CSE because I THOUGHT that we were working well together. He has since moved in with another woman (marital residence still sits empty on the market) and has decided that he will no longer pay daycare expenses for my daughter until the house is sold. Aren’t these two separate issues? In his proposal, he wants my share of the equity in the home to reimburse him for all of his living expenses…mortgage, utilties, etc. Would it be better for me to just file for an equitable distribution or try to negotiate? In the meantime, the daycare still has to be paid and he knows that I can’t afford to come up with the additional money each month while he continues to take trips to the Caribbean with his new girlfriend. Should I go the separation agreement route or equitable distribution and CSE? Now I’ve been very reasonable and have not pursued getting the back child support that he owes because the amount he was contributing was less than NC guidelines because I knew that he had the mortgage, etc by himself and was trying to not put him in a bind. I just don’t know what else to do at this point.