Restraining Order

This could be a sticky situation if you don’t take control of it. I don’t believe that a restraining order or civil no contact order will help with her contacting your employer, she won’t be legally allowed to have any contact of any kind with you but she can contact anyone else she wants about you.
I suggest that you disclose your situation to your direct supervisor and let them handle the situation as they would. If your supervisor knows what is going on he/she can deal with the situation easier than if they are constantly having to clarify situations. Request that she not be given any information. Let them know that you have no control over the situation and that they should proceed however they see fit.
If your child support is court ordered and being withheld then she could contact the state about the amount if she has questions. I don’t believe the amount should be continually changing…unless there’s something that I’m not aware of…so there should be no reason to call. Is it possible that she’s trying to make sure you are still working…?
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Can you tell the HR Dept to not discuss your information to her? They do not have to give her ANY personal information. They can file a no contact order on behalf of the company. If you get a letter from HR or a supervisor stating that it is counterproductive to your job preformance when she is harassing you, you may be able to sue her for harassment. If child support is ordered through the state call them and report when she harasses your HR dept. Once the state is involves, she has no reason to keep tabs on you at all.

My ex wife had called my employers in the past in an effort to defame me and cause problems with my job. Everytime there has been a change to the amount of child support (it’s court ordered & set on wage withholding) she calls my employer’s HR department numerous times trying to find out when my deductions will change. My employer has been tolerant of this so far, but her continuing to do this can cause me problems with my job. I want to make sure that she is not able to do this in the future, especially calling my employer to cause me problems whenever we get into an argument or she feels the need to get back at me for something.

Would it be appropriate for me to file a restraining order in a attempt to forbid her from calling my employer?