Sabatage... need advice


I just need some advice from people outside of the situation. I’m asking for alimony due to the fact that I’m case book for it… but I’m being set up. My husband has cheated,and he’s denying and making up things. Just blatant incredible made up lies. He says he’s never cheated, but I have, and he has proof.

I also just saw my myspace page and he logged in and changed my personal information from married to divorce… and put on there that I was looking for dating and serious relationships. [:(!]

I’m honestly getting to the point of being afraid to go after alimony. I’m scared to death that nobody is going to believe me, and its just going to be a huge expense that I can’t afford.

The only thing I can think of is that he’s altering emails, will they hold water in court? I’m also being bribed that if I don’t sign his original agreement that he’s going to quit his job, and I’ll owe him child support… the guy makes 10x more than me!

Anyway… just like I said… looking for a little advice.