Gist: Ex filed for EC of my oldest daughter, he lost, but temporary custody was given to my mother. I became ill with dperession and given medication two years ago, apparently the wrong medication. end result is I let my daughters primary care be in my mothers hands. I deserved for this to happen but have been given 6 months to redeem myself.

It has been 3 weeks and I have found a job (I was a SAHM) and found a home that I would like.

My husband who wants a divorce because of my illness (rather than help me get better is putting me through more emotional turmoil) is threatening to kick me out, take me to court, yells at me in front of the kids, is coming home from work to spend tons of time with the woman across the street (after work to sometimes 12:30 in the morning) rather than spending time with our daughter, he says that he will win custody because of what happend with my other daugter.

Though I went one child fall too deep with her grandma, My youngest has been in my complete are since she was born, She is obviously in good hands and I have taken huge strides to ge better. I beg him to spend time with her, and then when I take her to spened time with her, he says I am just trying to keep her away from him.

He is one day saying that I can stay in the home, the next telling me I have to get out. I am scared that I can’t take much more of his emotional ups and downs, it is hurting me and my children. but I am also in no position to move out. He is insistant he has proof that I cheated on him and therefor I recieve no alimony. I don’t care about alimony, but he can’t just expect me to move out and be able to provide an adequate home for our child. He is basically putting me in a damned if I do damned if I don’t situation.

Can I claim to the courts that he obviously doesn’t care about the welfare of his child? Can he actually use the outcome of one case against me, even if I have already made great strides to redeem myself? What can I do here? I don’t want the divorce, I was sick and wrongly medicated, I want to try and fix our family for the sake of my kids, but he is adament not to.


You may of course present evidence of your husband’s behaviors, which certainly seem to demonstrate his lack of regard for your child. As far as his threats go: What happened to you in the past happened, and you cannot change that, what you can do is show how the evens of your past have lead you to become a stronger person, and how you are now more aware of how to tackle problems as they arise.