Sensitive custody question

My boyfriend and I are both engaged in a custody dispute with our respective STBX. His dispute is much more complicated and heated than mine. We both only want to move on and be happy with one another. We did not have an affair, however, I am now painfully aware of complications of dating while separated. Considering the fact that both of our spouses were dating others PRIOR to separating, our dating is the least of our concerns. When it comes to our children we have certainly taken very special consideration and professional advice. We have just found out that we are pregnant and are VERY excited and would love to be married asap. My question is this… if we are to marry after divorces are final, does my income become considered in determining his child support payment and vice versa?

Thank you in advance for any advice you have to offer…

Dear stepmom in training:
Your income will not be included in his child support for any children from a previous marriage. Only his income and the ex’s income is used in figure the amount for child support

No, your income is not considered in determining his child support for his other child, however he can receive a credit for the new baby which is based on a calculation using both of your incomes to determine the basic child support obligation for the new baby, his credit is one half that amount.