Separated and Dating..HELP!

Okay so my STBX has recently found out that I have started dating someone…We have been separated for 4 months and have a signed separation agreement. Since he found this out he had threatend to take me for alimony. Question is can he get alimony from me because of this?? We make the same amount of money…I have heard that once you have separated that you are free to date whoever you want…PLease let me know if I have any thing to be concerned about here.

If you have a signed separation agreement that has a waiver of alimony clause he cannot sue you for alimony now, or at any point in the future. Even if your agreement is silent with respect to alimony, if you make the same amount of money he will not be able to prove that he is a dependant spouse which is a requirement to receiving spousal support.

My STBX is stating that our separation papers arent legal because we did them ourselves and that my notary signed her name on the wrong line…Is this true… They have been legally notarized by two notaries!

If signed and notarized the agreement is legal and binding.