Separation and division of property

You always have the option of seeking a court ordered division of yor property but I suspect that the costs will outweigh the benefits you might obtain.

Good luck.

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We separated 2 days before Christmas. I understand that it is not necessary to file separation papers if there is no joint property or children. However, my husband is screwing me. He has taken almost everything of any real value and is now saying he will not return my tax money because I “owe” him money for bills. We had an agreement, not written (stupid I know) before we were married that I would be responsible for my car, my car insurance and my credit cards while I was in school. Now he wants me to pay for the other stuff he was responsible for. I have already given him some money. Another thing, in august were were attempting to purchase a house. I gave him $2000 from a school loan. ~400 was to pay his car payment while the remaining was to stay in his savings account as a down payment on the house. My name was not on that account, I have no idea where the money was used for and I also know that there is none left.