Separation/divorce question


Your friend should get a lawyer or at least consult one. I know you can file a divorce on your own. I have looked into this and was told that I could get a sample divorce from the Clerk of Courts office in order to write my own. However, if there are children involved, it is my understanding that you can’t and shouldn’t file a divorce on your own.


Dear phoenix708:

Greetings. Your friend can “try” to do it on his own, but that is generally not a wise idea. We have an example Separation Agreement and Property Settlement on our website. You find a reputable attorney by speaking to friends, family, doing research, and finally by meeting the attorney and trusting your instincts about them. Thank you.

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A friend asked me to find out if he can do separation papers on his own or if it requires an attorney. If he can do it himself where would one find the proper documents?
The other issue is his wife. Basically after 11 years of marriage she said she didn’t love him anymore and moved out. They have two boys 13 and 8. She does ask to see them but ends up leaving them at a friends house or a relatives. She is pretty much playing “head games” with the father. She has cleared out the bank accounts and still wants more. She said that she doesn’t want to get lawyers involved and he feels the same way. She is sneaky and I am guessing she DOES have a lawyer and just told him that in the hopes he doesn’t do the required paperwork properly.
Does he need a lawyer for separation/divorce filings or can he do it on his own? If so how does one go about finding a reputable lawyer?
Thanks in advance