Separation without agreement


I’ve been reading old posts and if I understand correctly I cannot leave my husband without his knowledge b/c this is considered abandonment and he in turn can make me pay for the loans b/c they are in both our names. Is this correct?


It will be called abandonment but all joint loans will be the responsibility of both of you,but if the loans are in your name only then you are reponsible the best thing to do is write out a reasonable agreement have it notorized. but understand if anything is sold you will get half the profit but you can also get half the debt as well, Example if the balance of the Camper is $1500 and he decides to sell it for $50 then you both are responsible for the remaining balance.


Can I leave my husband without his knowledge, like if he’s out of town on business? I don’t want to leave with him around because I want what is mine and I’m afraid he won’t let me take it. We have a couple of loans that he has been paying for. My name is the major account holder of these loans because he filed for bankruptcy 10 years ago. The truck is titled in his name but the camper is titled in both of ours and the lot at the lake is titled in both names. Can I use the camper and lot for “leverage” to get him to continue to make payments? If he refuses to make payments can I force him to sell the camper and lot and we split it and pay off the loans? He has accused me of cheating, which I have not been, and he has threatened me because of this. What rights do I have because of this?