Seperated and Dating

My wife moved out on May 1st. We do not have a signed SA, but we are working on the details. I have recently began to see someone that is becoming more serious. I have introduced my Kids to her, kids are 8 and 11. They really like her and like spending time with her. They have never spent the night at her place, and she has never spent the night at my place when I have the kids. I have spent the night with her before, and my wife and I are still moving towards the divorce. Just wanted to see if this can cause me any issues with my child support or custody. We currently split the kids 50/50 timewise and we are working on the child support payments, as of right now, I am paying for the majority of the child care costs. She is aware the kids have spent time with this new person, and has stated that it is ok for them to be areound her, and as well for us to see other people. Just want to make sure before I go any farther.


Unless your wife becomes angry about your new relationship and refuses to agree to a reasonable scheudle custody and child support would not be affected by your new relationship.
If the issues were before the court, your relationship would likewise not have an affect on custody or child support unless this woman is a danger to the children, and it does not sound at all like she is.