Seperation with A Sick Child


Dear the_nanny:

Greetings. Yes, there are ways to monitor his visitation and restrict the same simply based on the child’s medical condition and his current inability to care for the child. I would have your daughter speak with an attorney as soon as possible. Thank you.

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I am a grandparent of a 2yr old little girl. My daughter and her husband are seperating as of 3-2006. After the baby was born my daughter had to grow up fast. She is 27 and my son-in-law is a couple yrs younger. They have been married 2yrs and 4 months. I noticed after the baby was born my son-in-law wasn’t as attentive in the marriage or helping around the house not even bonding with his baby. Played ball on th weekends, pool, hanging out with his unmarried friends etc. Volunteering to work over on his job all the time in order to keep from coming home and facing responsibility. Always saying that he works all the time and that should be good enough. Working over some is great but, it wasn’t always mandatory. My grandaughter has milk and egg allergies which could be life threating. We have to keep an eppi pen with her at all times in case she ingest something with eggs or milk. She is 2 and can’t leave nothing around for her to grab. My son-in-law doesn’t know what foods that is a danger to her. The labels on food doesn’t specifically say “milk or eggs” they are listed in long words. We keep a copy of these with us at all times. He doesn’t have to worry because the mom has always done this. It’s all a lack of responsibility on his part for the past 2 yrs. Now there are 2 things I need to know. First, If he gets his daughter every other weekend, can it be fixed to where he can’t take her to his mom’s for her to keep the weekend while he’s hanging out with his friends. This isn’t helping with the bonding that should have already been done. He is moving in with his mom and dad for a few months until he gets a place of hin own I heard. So the second thing is I’m afraid that he will have his friends over on the weekends he gets her and they will leave food laying around and she will get hold of something that could indanger her life. Is there a way for him to not have friends over on those weekends at least until he learns about her food allergies himself. Please help with me with some advice. I know this world sometimes is not a very prety picture but I love my grandaughter and I feel as though I have a second chance myself to find the right things and good choices for my grandaughter. I am finally all grown up myself now ( 47 ) and I see the mistakes I made with my own. Thanks for reading my post.