Serving a Complaint

How do attorneys serve complaints to a defendant? Do they use certifed mail and if there is no response, a sheriff? What if the defendant is trying to avoid being served, what additional steps are taken? If there a time limit on serve of a complaint for custody, PSS, CS and ED?

Also, I found that I have a diease that will require me have long treatments and the unability to work, will that be a factor in CS and PSS?

Thank you so much!

Typically yes, we use certified mail as it is normally faster than Sheriff’s service. I would recommend that you do use the Sheriff if the Defendant is trying to avoid service, as they can serve a person a work, home, or any other place where you know of that the Defendant often is. The Complaint can be served at anytime after filing, however you will have to have the clerk issue a new Summons after 60 days.

Your illness will be considered in a PSS and child support in so far as it affects your ability to earn.