Short marriage

I was married in Indiana on May 20, 2014. SHE WAS LIVING THERE WITH A FEMALE PARTNER FOR 25 YEARS. I knew about it, I have known my wife for 30 years. Within 6 weeks, I have exact dates, she told me that someone was going to be at the house within an hour and she was going back to Indiana. Sure enough, she showed up, packed 80% of her clothes and took off. Within a week she called and said she wanted to come back. I drove up, packed her stuff and brought her back. This last time; the fifth time she left on August 29,2014. I counted the number of days she was wit me , 43 days from May 20-August 29th. Sure enough, within a week, she contacted me and said she was ready to come home. She is still waiting for me to drive up and bring her back. I’m tired of making the drive! Not to mention the financial, physical and emotional drain. Part of me says go get her, in case she brings it up in court. Another part says, you got up there, figure out how to get back.

My main concern is property and money. I am 62, drawing SSDI for Parkinson’s disease. Many times I feel that I was set up and being used so she can get the house and whatever else either when I die or in a divorce. I’m pretty sure the divorce is going to happen before my demise, or so I hope.

I just want to make sure my children are taken care of. I have a will, did that right after my first divorce in 2001. Not sure if that has any bearing on the situation.


I don’t see any specific questions in your post. If your concern is about money and property I would consider scheduling a consultation to go over the process and decide how to best proceed. We also provide a wealth of information on property division on our website that you may find helpful.