Signs in the yard


My husband has a small engine repair business located at our home. We have signs posted saying anything left behind we are not held liable, etc. A customer dropped off his mower prior to us taking a vacation, he was told that we wouldn’t be there but he wanted to leave it anyway. Our children were there during our vacation. Well we have had an item stolen from our yard and it is this customers. There were many mowers out there, riding, zero turn, john deer, etc and the one that gets stolen is a walk behind? We made a police report and suggested to the customer to file it on his insurance. He came back and said they wouldn’t pay, so now he has placed a civil suit against us for twice what the mowers is worth. I am trying to go through our home insurance company to assist and see if they will pay but until i am notified, we still have to go to court. How can i satisfy this guy with out paying this obscene amount of money and also to prevent from something like this happening again? i thought my signs were good and covered everything?


Only family law issues are addressed on this site. You should consult an attorney who specializes in civil litigation for advice. I wish you the best.