Spousal support - dependent spouse

My husband makes around $200k per year. We have been married 12 years. I had started a career as a CPA before we got married but only had about 5 years experience. Most I ever made was around $50k before marriage. Husband did not want me to work after we had (2) children, so I only did a little contract work and kept up my license. He even told me one time I should give up my license. My gross income from a small amount of contract work was only around 15k last year. Now we are separating and he only wants to give me the minimum child support and spousal support of $1200 for 2 years. He says I have the ability to make as much as him. I will have custody of children the majority of the time ( he will get them about 45 nights a year). In this situation how much spousal support should I ask for or expect? It will take time for me to get a career back on track and will not be easy since I have the children almost full time.

There are no guidelines or formulas that the court will employ when it comes to alimony; the judges are given wide discretion on this. To get an idea of what your need is with regard to alimony, you can use our Alimony Calculator. Keep in mind that this is just a tool to give you an idea with regard to spousal support, but not based on any NC law. A general rule of thumb that some judges employ is that alimony should last for half the years of the marriage (in your case 6 years), but again that is not an actual law here in NC.