Spousal Support-Never got Answer

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If hes a contracted worker then you(courts)should be able to determine the average salary or his past contracts, and it will help you a lot if you can have proof of that

Posted - 03/10/2006 : 11:20:35

I was not answered by an attorney, but some random person on this site who needs to worry about his/her own problems. Please can I get some legal advice. Thanks.
Can you tell me how spousal support works when your husband is on a contracted salary? I am comtemplating separation but my husband’s contract is up on his old job and a new one is about to come up shortly. How does that work in spousal support/separation? When he gets that contract and I leave soon after is support or marital “money” (don’t know the term) calculated on the whole contract amount or how is that calculated? Thank you for your help.