Stbx is not signing the sep agreement


Me and stbx agreed on terms of a sep agreement. We drew one up, and I signed and notarized it, and gave it to her to get it signed and notarized. This was a couple of months ago. She still has not signed it. Now I have learned some new information, and I would like to take back the sep. agreement. Is there any legal way for me to tell her that she must return the agreement, or destroy it? Or am I at her mercy as to whether she decides to sign it or not, and if she does then I am bound by it. I have learned new information and that first sep. agreement does not fully reflect the new information.




You may revoke your agreement at any time prior to your ex signing it. Send a letter (or email) for which the date can be verified, and also let her know by phone that you wish to revoke consent.





You are very welcome!