STD from soon-to-be-ex


[:(] I am so sorry to here about this you are the person who is the victim here.
You say that your soon to be ex had sexual partners while you where married do you have proof of this you may want to try AOA & CC at least you can get something back for all this. I am no lawyer but I do not know but he maybe in a lot of trouble for doing this to you, this maybe a crime
Hope the best for you


Sometimes judges order medical tests as part of divorce proceedings where the evidence would be helpful.

Be aware also, that transmission of such a disease may entitle you to recover monetary damages for your injury. North Carolina was one of the first states, back in the 1920s, to recognize this cause of action.

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There’s a very good chance that I have contracted a sexually transmitted disease from my soon-to-be-ex; I have just confirmed that he has had at least 5 sexual partners during our marriage one of whom informed me today that she has an STD and she just feels so awful about everything (NOW she feels bad!); I’m afraid to be tested because the condition is treatable but not curable and that carries with it all sorts of implications for my future when and if I should ever start dating; fortunately I had not planned to have anymore children; Here’s my dilemma: If I test positive should I tell my spouse? I’m a by-the-book kind of gal and it would normally be the right thing to do. But I know my spouse will use the information against me and try to imply that I strayed outside the marriage, which never once crossed my mind … I haven’t even been on a date in the past year that we’ve been seperated because I’m so depressed over the breakup of the marriage. Could he be compelled to undergo a test for STDs because there’s no way I can have it without him having it? Wow, I so thought I was in the clear when my AIDS test came back negative. Kind of naive of me not to consider other STDs. Anyone reading this…please think about what you are potentially exposing yourself or your spouse to by having unprotected sex! Fortunately, this particular condition isn’t a death sentence…but it’s a life sentence.